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For new businesses or those that have been around for awhile but are looking to grow, partnering with Blueprint Digital for lead generation is an awesome choice to get more potential clients in the door. It’s all the benefits of an SEO-optimized website with none of the upfront costs!

When you partner with us to send leads to your business, we will cover the costs of the web build and keyword research. Once the site is ranking and we’ve got regular leads coming in, we will work with you to create a pricing model that works for your business!

Best of all, the leads we generate are sent exclusively to your business! You don’t compete with other contractors. They are all yours!

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How Can This Tool Help You Reach More Customers?

When you’re a new business starting out, you may not have the capital to invest in a total website build and marketing strategy. Partnering with us to send you leads is the perfect no-frills way to grow your business by focusing on the one thing you want more of: new customers!

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